New Update 2021/1/11:

1. The game has points system now.

2. Zombies have different body parts to shoot with different points and damage of course.

3. Zombies are not move in sync anymore.

4. Zombies have different movement, some of them are randomly crawling after first class room now.

3. Add Rank System in game, rank will be calculate in the end. (SS, S+, S, S-, A+, A, etc...)

4. Item, First Aid Kit now is available in game, just shoot it to use it.

5. This game will be on Play Store once google finish verifying.



Because people kinda like this mini game, therefore I (Alex) decide to integrate more system in it.



Just use your mouse cursor to shoot them all.

Left Click: Shoot

ESC: Pause/Exit

Updated 4 days ago
Published 13 days ago
AuthorsNori, AlexChiu
TagsFunny, Game Jam, Shoot 'Em Up, Zombies

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Oof i died

I like how we lose points if we miss a shot or continue shooting zombies that are already dead. It makes up for the unlimited amount of bullets we have so we don't spam it. This was a great short game. I paired it with another short game called 2020 Game, a game about all the big events that happened in 2020 that ended in a hypothetical 2021 starting off with a zombie apocalypse. Check it out!

Thanks for playing, it is really a good combination to seeing these 2 short games  together. Please come back later to check for update. It makes me happy to see people actually record their gameplay and post here. I will continue expanding this game to make it more fun to play.

You're welcome, thank you for creating it. I'll check back, for sure!

EH to easy 

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Thank you for playing, the current stage is like tutorial level. 

It will getting harder if I keep developing it later on.


and be scared as fuck

this will be intresting

the jump scare did indeed get me LMAOOO

It really wasn't a jump scare. She popped out as a surprise but there was no music impact accompanying it, so if anything, players are more surprised than being jump scared by It.

i jumped and i was scared xx

I guess everyone has a different way of reacting.

the game isn't starting. wow

i just need help :(

Have you wait for long enough? Even it is a mini game, the size of it is still 100MB something.

ok i will

Btw, if it still not loading, you probably want to switch to Firefox browser, google Chrome block things sometime.

also i will be going to japan :D

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No matter what I do. In the end, the girl will always kill me. Even if I like shoot her like 5 times in the chest. I mean I can't see why not. Anyway that was a great game. 10/10.


Yeah, not enough time to do some different endings...
Anyway thanks!



Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance~~~

till your dead, dead


I didn't know if I was supposed to shoot the girl. She pops out of the blue and start walking towards me... maybe I should let her bite me and see if I'll be dead :p 

(1 edit)

That's something I was going to do, but in the end we're all tired, so...

That's understandable! I can tell from the beginning there are plans and how to implement things. But as schedule gets close you guys have to modify. It's still a really good game :).  You guys should be proud!

Thank you very much for the feedback! 

Not really sure that I should continue develop this game or not, it was originally for new year event only.

 And our artist truly doesn't like to work with this realistic zombie type. 

If continue for next version, we may change to ACG type zombies.


If not zombies maybe some angry otaku or anime characters XD. The anime girl at the end still caught me off guard. I thought I was going to save her, but end up shot her to death. It's like one of those games umm... if you kill her, she'll just say "why did you kill me...? I was just joking... " and  you got a horrible ending lol. But if you let he stay alive and come up to bit you, she says, "I know you love me!" And you get the good ending.


Cool, you almost guessed what I planned to do...

Since you already knew it, I should write something new. XD

Great mind think alike ('-')\

ok...ok im going to say like this. THE GAME IS GREAT!!!


thank you for the appreciation!

Simple and Fun. It has the potential for a bigger and better game. Keep it up!

Thank you :D


Thank you!